Join the largest youth-led social entrepreneurship movement advancing the SDGs

Join the largest youth-led social entrepreneurship movement in Asia-Pacific advancing the SDGs  

Capturing crabs and carbon in the fight against climate change in Viet Nam

Regenerating mangroves is muddy, complex work. In Nam Dinh Province, twenty years ago coastal defence forests were healthy, but over the years, forests have thinned. To experience this first hand, I…  

A.I. Powers Citizens’ Access to Information in Da Nang City

The Chatbot initiative has resulted in greater cost saving, efficiency, and accuracy of information for citizens. PSC, HEKATE and UNDP are committed to ensuring citizens have access to the information…  

Mobile Phone App transforms post-typhoon house-reconstruction in Viet Nam

In the recent shelter rehabilitation project after Typhoon Damrey’s destructive landfall in 2017, UNDP applied a mobile phone App to enhance monitoring and quality assurance of the project’s house…  

Combating corruption

It is the poorest and most marginalized individuals who suffer the most from corruption. Their meagre resources should be spent on food, health or education, rather than bribes. Here in Viet Nam,…  

Free to move around – accessibility for persons with disabilities

The UN is leading the way in Ha Noi in terms of accessibility,. Along with many other UN agencies, UNDP is located in the Green One UN House. The building is well known to be environmentally friendly…  

Diversity and Inclusion Key to Business Success

Discrimination against LGBTI persons is still prevalent in Viet Nam. According to a survey conducted in Viet Nam, 30% of LGBT people said that they were denied employment because of their sexual…  

Diversity and Inclusion Key to Business Success

promoting diversity and inclusion in business  


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