Social Security and Safety brought by the Damrey Housing Rehabilitation and Recovery project

05 Jul 2018 by Le Dai Nghia, National Consultant

We went back to visit beneficiary households of the Damrey Housing Rehabilitation and Recovery project in Phu Hoa district, Phu Yen province on an early June morning, two months after the inaugural ceremony.  The first commune we visited was Hoa An where the first houses had been completed and handed over to beneficiary families. As we crossed the wide field, we could see glimpses of the new roof on Ms Suu's new home, shaded by tall casuarina trees. The long and narrow country lane leading to Ms. Suu’s house was lined with more casuarina trees. At last, we reached Ms. Suu’s house, and before us stood a tall, sturdy and beautiful house. Ms. Suu was standing at the entrance, and welcomed us with a happy smile. She invited us into her home and gave us a tour of the house she had dreamed about. "Thanks to the project, my two children and I now have a spacious and safe house to live in. The project and authority officials definitely made my dream come true” said Ms Suu. “Now my children and I feel more secure and comfortable living in this storm-and flood-resilient house, that we do not need to evacuate when … Read more

Diversity and Inclusion Key to Business Success

18 May 2018 by Caitlin Wiesen

Le Xuan TuLe Xuan Tu
Discrimination against LGBTI persons is still prevalent in Viet Nam. According to a survey conducted in Viet Nam, 30% of LGBT people said that they were denied employment because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Not promoting the inclusion of LGBTI persons can work as a stumbling block to growing business in Viet Nam. Breakthrough ideas are more likely to take place where diverse perspectives, experiences and identities are embraced. A recent study on Stanford Business School graduates revealed that those entrepreneurs with the most diverse friendships scored three times higher in terms of innovation, evidently showing that inclusion accelerates creativity in business. … Read more

Staying in touch: How mobile phone apps are transforming post-typhoon house reconstruction in Viet Nam

02 May 2018 by Jenty Kirsch-Wood, UNDP Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Specialist

When typhoon Damrey ripped through south-central Viet Nam in November 2017, more than 3000 families found themselves homeless. UNDP, with support from the Government of Korea, responded rapidly with a safe-housing reconstruction project targeted towards 300 poor or near poor households that were considered particularly vulnerable.   House reconstruction is challenging and especially so in the aftermath of a disaster.  Families want to be sure they can count on support, and can have questions about applying training they’ve received to ensure that they build back better using safer designs and techniques.  Project managers struggle to keep track of progress in individual houses, and face questions about who got assistance and if is it being fairly and transparently delivered. But with the help of a SeeSaw, a social media NGO,the Viet Nam Red Cross chapters in Quang Nam and Khanh Hoa, and the Vietnam Women’s Union in Phu Yen, UNDP was able to adapt existing open source software to connect our team with the people they serve through an easy-to-learn two-way mobile phone application.  The system is simple: local Women’s Union or Red Cross staff use their smartphones to photograph destroyed homes and to fill in a simple ten-question questionnaire that provides details … Read more

Helping poor people recover and rehabilitate after Typhoon Damrey

19 Mar 2018 by Le Dai Nghia, National Consultant; and Phan Huong Giang, UNDP CCE Media and Communication Analyst

Housing is one of the most valuable assets but it is also very vulnerable to typhoon and floods. Even though Typhoon Damrey hit Viet Nam some months ago, its impacts are still heavily felt by the poor households.  We visited some households in Binh Dao commune, in Thang Binh district of Quang Nam province who told us about the typhoon’s enduring effects long after its passage. Despite repairing their houses, these families are still in precarious situations and live in vulnerable houses. The roofs reparations are generally only temporary and the walls are wet and moldy. They live with dogs and chickens. These living conditions can have negative effect on their health and temporary reparations could cause the roof to collapse at any time. The first house was Mr. Do Van Lai’s. He shares a small tiled house of 20 square meters with four other family members. The roof contains a few new parts. His wife told us that: “My husband and I are sick constantly and the children are too small. We are not healthy enough to be able to work as other people and to have a safe home for the children to stay “. We visited another house. … Read more

“Currently, the roof still flutters” – Insight into Typhoon Recovery in Khanh Hoa Province

06 Feb 2018 by Trina Loken, Junior Professional Consultant

On February 5 and 6, UNDP visited four communes in Khanh Hoa province in the South-Central region of Viet Nam. This was a region that three months prior was directly hit by November’s highly destructive Typhoon Damrey. As we drove through the different communes, it was clear that relief and recovery needs were still plentiful. We took note of many houses without adequate roofs, many only sheltered by some canvas material held down by weighted plastic bags – a temporary solution but by no means resilient when faced with future storms. Although we did not see his house, we heard from one man interviewed that he was currently using a tree to pin down the roof to his house, which he acknowledged as unsafe for his family. When asked to describe her experience when the typhoon hit, a woman in Van Khanh commune told UNDP: “At that time, me and my husband were staying at home and suddenly there were very strong winds and the roof of the house flew away. We were very afraid, so we brought the children to go to my mother-in-law’s house. But the water came into my mother-in-law’s house and it flooded as high as my … Read more

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