Democratic Governance


Social services for human development: Viet Nam Human Development Report 2011

This national Human Development Report provides an evidence-based analysis of Viet Nam's human development progress at the sub-national level, focusing specifically on issues around health and education. It looks at the challenges many Vietnamese face in accessing basic social services. The reportmore


Strengthening peoples participation in Viet Nam

The non-state sector in Viet Nam, including unions, professional organisations, business associations, non governmental organisations, community based organisations, has experienced rapid growth in recent years. more


Strengthening the Coordination Between the State Management Agencies Responsible for the Service Sector

This report is part of a larger project funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on “Capacity Strengthening to Manage and Promote Trade in Services in Viet Nam in the Context of Integration” (or “Trade in Services” Project VIE/02/009). The Ministry of Planning and Investment is themore


The Emerging Civil Society: An Initial Assessment of Civil Society in Viet Nam

Globally, civil society organizations are playing an increasingly important role in the guts and efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals on poverty reduction (MDGs). The organizations have been working alongside with governments in activities pertaining to the goals on povertymore


The MDGs and Viet Nam's Socio-Economic Development Plan 2006-2010

The aim of this report is to consider the national objectives from the perspective of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to suggest concrete indicators of social progress relevant to both the MDGs and Viet Nam’s specific socio-economic conditions. This publication wasmore


The United Nations Development Framework for the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam 2006-2010

The United Nations Development Framework (UNDAF) for Viet Nam sets out concrete development objectives for the United Nations agencies over the 2006-2010 period. These objectives were identified on the basis of a consultative process involving Government, United Nations agencies and othermore


During the past decade, Viet Nam attained middle-income country status as a result of impressive economic growth. However progress in social development, including education and health, has been less rapid contributing to slower growth in human development, indicating remaining governance system challenges to keep pace with economic development. UNDP Viet Nam’s governance work focuses on three main pillars: human rights, rule of law and access to justice, along with parliamentary development and public administration reform. Our interventions in governance are made through nationally-executed projects and the work of in-house governance policy advisors.