Democratic Governance


Corruption and Public Administration

As part of UNDP’s work in policy analysis and public administration reform six discussion papers have been written which focus on the challenges of public administration reform in Viet Nam. The papers propose specific recommendations for public administration reform and institutional reform,more


Country programme action plan

UNDP’s Country Programme Document (CPD) and the Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) provide a framework for cooperation between the Government of Viet Nam and UNDP over the next five years and support the country’s efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The two documents,more


Culture and Development in Viet Nam

Both a driving force and goal for development, culture is a key factor impacting on every stage of the development process. For development to be relevant and responsive, due attention will have to be paid to both the tangible and the intangible dimensions of culture. The aim is to make developmentmore


Deepening Democracy and Increasing Popular Participation in Viet Nam Author: UNDP Viet Nam

Viet Nam’s 1998 Decree on Grassroots Democracy (dan chu co so) put in place the legal framework required to expand direct citizen participation in local government. The decree established new mechanisms to enable citizens to exercise their rights to be informed of government activities thatmore


East asia: from miracle to crisis - Key lessons for Viet Nam

East Asia: From Miracle to Crisis outlines some of the main lessons from the East Asian development experience which are most relevant to Viet Nam at this current juncture in the country’s development process. In order to be useful to Vietnamese policy- and decision-makers, the paper focusesmore


Engaging Parliaments in the Millennium Development Goals: A Key Part of National MDG Strategies

The Millennium Declaration marks a watershed in the history of the United Nations and the struggle against poverty and want. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) included within the Declaration sets out concrete, global development objectives and, for the first time, a timetable for theirmore


During the past decade, Viet Nam attained middle-income country status as a result of impressive economic growth. However progress in social development, including education and health, has been less rapid contributing to slower growth in human development, indicating remaining governance system challenges to keep pace with economic development. UNDP Viet Nam’s governance work focuses on three main pillars: human rights, rule of law and access to justice, along with parliamentary development and public administration reform. Our interventions in governance are made through nationally-executed projects and the work of in-house governance policy advisors.