Democratic Governance


Fact Sheet: Gender equality in Viet Nam

 Although Viet Nam has made significant strides towards achieving gender equality, gender gaps remain. Viet Nam’s ranking on key gender measures remains similar to that of low income countries in the region. Viet Nam ranked 71 out of 134 countries on the 2009 World Economic Forum’s Globalmore


Fact Sheet: Implementing Human Rights Treaties in Viet Nam

Promoting and protecting human rights is the consistent policy of that State of Viet Nam. As outlined in the publication Achievements in the Protection and the Promotion of Human Rights in Viet Nam, the Government seeks to ensure the realization of human rights through, inter-alia the process ofmore


Fact Sheet: Support to Public Administration Reform in Ho Chi Minh City

The new project “Support to Public Administration Reform in HCM City” reflects the strategic orientation as shown in the Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) and the UN’s One Plan as agreed between UNDP and the Government of Viet Nam. more


Filling the Gap: The Emerging Civil Society in Viet Nam

Civil Society Index studies were carried out worldwide from 2004 to 2006 in order to assess the present strengths and weaknesses of civil society in several dozen countries. The assessments follow similar methodologies in each country to assess civil society at a national level, based on themore


Gender Briefing Kit

This updated Gender Briefing Kit is based on an important shift in the global approach to achieving gender equality. We have learned that gender equality cannot be achieved by one group, or a few individuals acting alone. It can only be achieved where there is strong leadership, and broadmore


Gender mainstreaming workshop facilitation manual in national policy formulation and implementation

This Workshop Facilitation Manual is designed for people who are responsible for facilitating groups to learn the concepts, information and strategies contained in the National Committee for the Advancement of Women`s "National Gender Mainstreaming Guidelines". Gender mainstreaming ismore


During the past decade, Viet Nam attained middle-income country status as a result of impressive economic growth. However progress in social development, including education and health, has been less rapid contributing to slower growth in human development, indicating remaining governance system challenges to keep pace with economic development. UNDP Viet Nam’s governance work focuses on three main pillars: human rights, rule of law and access to justice, along with parliamentary development and public administration reform. Our interventions in governance are made through nationally-executed projects and the work of in-house governance policy advisors.