Democratic Governance


Institutional Reform for Public Administration

As part of UNDP’s work in policy analysis and public administration reform six discussion papers have been written which focus on the challenges of public administration reform in Viet Nam. The papers propose specific recommendations for public administration reform and institutional reform,more


Integration the CPRGS into Local Socio-economic Development Plan: Experiences from Tra Vinh

The Government of Viet Nam has articulated its development vision for the decade in the Ten year Socio- Economic Development Strategy (SEDS - 2001-2010). This document endorsed at the Ninth Party Congress in 2001 - lays out a path of transition towards a “market economy with socialist orientation”more


International comparative analysis of anti-corruption legislation: Lessons on sanctioning and enforcement mechanisms for Viet Nam

This policy research paper undertakes a comparative analysis of the legal frameworks of anti-corruption (AC) laws  and sanctioning and enforcement practices in five jurisdictions (Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and South Africa). The purpose is to identify lessons that Viet Nam canmore


Justice index: Assessment of Distributive Justice and Equality from a Citizen-based Survey in 2012

This Report proposes the Justice Index as a new tool for analyzing and making legal and judicial policies. It is also an effective tool to make state agencies both at central and local levels accountable to citizens for the performance of public institutions, efforts to ensure justice – or fairnessmore


Key Issues in Viet Nam's Fight Against HIV/AIDS

No government alone has the capacity to respond to the challenges HIV/AIDS poses. In Viet Nam, a wide Community of Concerned Partners—ranging from multilateral and bilateral donors to foundations to international and local NGOs—actively supports Viet Nam and its people in the fightmore


Land-Taking Disputes in East Asia: A Comparative Analysis and Implications for Vietnam

Many of the economic, demographic, and social changes animating land disputes in Vietnam are also sweeping across other countries in East Asia. The aim of this Report is to provide comparative insights into land-taking disputes in three East Asian countries—China, Indonesia, and Cambodia—that aremore


During the past decade, Viet Nam attained middle-income country status as a result of impressive economic growth. However progress in social development, including education and health, has been less rapid contributing to slower growth in human development, indicating remaining governance system challenges to keep pace with economic development. UNDP Viet Nam’s governance work focuses on three main pillars: human rights, rule of law and access to justice, along with parliamentary development and public administration reform. Our interventions in governance are made through nationally-executed projects and the work of in-house governance policy advisors.