Comparative Provincial Performance in Private Business Development

01 Dec 2003

This is part of a learning process aimed at better understanding what can be done to further improve the provincial level business environment. We hope that this report will help policy makers, researchers and development professionals appreciate some of the grassroots business development initiatives at the provincial level, and better understand key provincial stakeholders concerns with regard to local business development. We also hope that this will help policy researchers to better plan follow-up studies, and development planners to better design support to address the remaining constraints.

The report (i) highlights major differences between provinces in business expansion; (ii) summarises strategies used to boost business investment; (iii) identifies some best practices, and; (iv) suggests areas for future research and technical assistance aimed at improving the business environment at the provincial level. The primary focus is on domestic private enterprises registered under the Enterprise Law. Report findings are based on provincial case studies that involved collection and analysis of secondary data and consultations with public and private sector stakeholders.

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