Consultation with Social Organizations on Amendments of the 1992 Constitution

20 Oct 2013

This report presents results of a survey of 545 Vietnamese NGOs on their opinions in relation to key issues to be amended in the Constitution 1992. The survey commissioned by the Vietnam Lawyers’ Association (VLA) under the project titled “Legal Empowerment of the Poor through Support to Vietnam Lawyers Association” supported by UNDP. Carried out before the offical public consultation of the draft amendments, the research aimed to explore views of social organizations on amendment to the 1992 Constitution .
The survey research focused on four selected issues in the current process of constitutional amendment, including: (1) Inclusion of provisions on PSOs and social organizations in the Constitution; (2) Human rights, fundamental rights and obligations of citizens (3) Constitutional enforcement and review; and (4) Social security protection in the Constitution.
The aggregate results of this survey have been used by the Vietnam Lawyers Association in its report to the Committee of Drafting Amendment to the 1992 Constitution, of which Vietnam Lawyers Association is a member.

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