Report on the survey of the reality of local court governance in Viet Nam

11 Jul 2014

This report “Reality of Local Court Governance in Viet Nam” was commissioned within the framework of MOJ-UNDP project “Strengthening Access to Justice and Protecting Rights in Vietnam”. The report is end result of an empirical study based on the opinions of 2,516 judges—about half the number of working judges in Viet Nam—on existing practice of local court administration, e.g. organization and functions, case management and adjudicatory work, personnel management, budgeting, supervision and monitoring.

According to the research’s findings, a number of potential threats to judicial independence from party organs, local government, higher level courts, internal court incentive and sanction structures.  This report is prepared therefore with the hope that it will serve as a useful reference for Vietnam officials, judges, legal scholars and citizens as they chart their own path toward judicial reforms and the rule of law.