Environment, Climate Change & Disasters


Addressing climate change in Viet Nam- efforts and expectations

The publication provides an updated view of Viet Nam's efforts, priorities and expectations in international climate change negotiations. Climate change related policies and strategies as well as influential climate change research are referenced. The Publication has been be shared at the 17thmore


Bringing the MDGs Closer to the People

Bringing the MDGs Closer to the People provides a preliminary assessment of how  Vietnamese people, the vast majority living in rural areas, are faring with respect to the range of social indicators that comprise the MDGs. Viet Nam’s commitment to the global goals of the MDGs will bemore


Brochure: UNDP Viet Nam working for growth with equity

Viet Nam has seen great progress in economic and social development, yet increasing disparities are emerging. In this phase of Viet Nam's development – rapid international integration, ever-increasing GDP and a goal to reach middle income status by 2010 – the priority is to ensure that this growthmore


Brochure: UNDP in Viet Nam

During the last 15 years Viet Nam has witnessed rapid economic growth and a sharp reduction in poverty. By 2010, Viet Nam aims to become a middle income country. Yet growth is not evenly distributed and disparities are emerging. more


Compendium of Environmental Projects in Viet Nam 2003

Viet Nam is experiencing rapid economic growth. At the same time, the country’s population grows and its population migrates increasingly from rural to urban areas. Taken together these factors exert enormous pressures over on the quality of the environment and natural resource base of the entiremore


Country programme action plan

UNDP’s Country Programme Document (CPD) and the Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) provide a framework for cooperation between the Government of Viet Nam and UNDP over the next five years and support the country’s efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The two documents,more

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Viet Nam, a natural disaster prone country particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, faces new challenges as it continues its development journey. A growing population, increased urbanization and rapid economic development are posing great pressures on natural resources and the environment, while economic growth patterns and technologies are not energy efficient, leading to rising greenhouse gas emissions. Together, these high impact issues have collided to threaten the country’s sustainable development. UNDP has been quick to help Viet Nam identify and respond to these challenges in an agile and sustainable manner. The ONE Plan 2012-2016, under which UNDP operates, sets targets to support the Government in the implementation of multilateral environmental agreements to achieve Millennium Development Goals and Viet Nam’s development targets.