Environment, Climate Change & Disasters


Migration, Resettlement and Climate Change in Viet Nam

Reducing exposure and vulnerabilities to climatic extremes and stresses through spontaneous and guided migration This policy discussion paper explores the linkages between climatic changes, migration and resettlement in Viet Nam, and relevant policies. It aims to outline the main lessons onmore


National report at the UN conference on sustainable development

National report at the UN conference on sustainable development (RIO+20) 20 years’ implementation of sustainable development, especially nearly 10 years’ implementation of the Strategic Orientation for Sustainable Development, has seen Viet Nam taking advantage of good opportunities, overcomingmore


One planet to share: Sustaining human progress in a changing climate

Asia-Pacific not only has many of the world’s most climate-exposed territories, it is also home to millions of the most vulnerable people. The unprecedented pace and scale of human activities have been transforming the natural environment and contributing to climate change. Emissions cross borders,more


Policy Brief: Building Viet Nam's Protected Area System

Viet Nam is at a critical stage in the establishment of its protected areas system. Much has been achieved over the past two decades and there is greater understanding about the fundamental role national parks, nature reserves and other protected areas play in national and local development.more


Policy Brief: Gender equality in climate change adaptation and disaster

This policy brief will show that climate change and its impacts are not gender neutral and nor are its policies and actions. Due to their gender-defined roles in society and traditional patterns of marginalization, women are amongst those that are likely to carry the heaviest burdens from thesemore


Proceedings of Integrated Conservation and Development Projects

These proceedings attempt to capture the dynamism of the workshop and to provide an overview of the conference. All the presentations delivered at the Integrated Conservation and Development Projects (ICDP) Lessons Learned Workshop are contained herein, as is a list of workshop invitees. Wemore


Viet Nam, a natural disaster prone country particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, faces new challenges as it continues its development journey. A growing population, increased urbanization and rapid economic development are posing great pressures on natural resources and the environment, while economic growth patterns and technologies are not energy efficient, leading to rising greenhouse gas emissions. Together, these high impact issues have collided to threaten the country’s sustainable development. UNDP has been quick to help Viet Nam identify and respond to these challenges in an agile and sustainable manner. The ONE Plan 2012-2016, under which UNDP operates, sets targets to support the Government in the implementation of multilateral environmental agreements to achieve Millennium Development Goals and Viet Nam’s development targets.