Environment, Climate Change & Disasters


Recognise the strength of women and girls in reducing disaster risks!

Stories from Viet Nam This book stresses the potential and strength of an often untapped or unrecognized resource: women and girls in Viet Nam. Not only do they comprise almost half of the country’s population, they also play crucially important roles in the household, in the rural and urbanmore


Some good sustainable development practices

Report at the UN Conference on sustainable development (RIO+20) This report aims to bring together and assess some of good sustainable development practices implemented in Viet Nam recently, and to draw out lessons and make recommendations for further implementation of these models andmore


Study on the policy climate and legal framework for state-civil society relations

This study analyses the policy climate and the legal framework for state-civil society relations in the Philippines, India, China and Russia, and the factors that shape the current conditions and future prospects for civil society development in these countries. The study shows that the dynamics,more


Sustainable Energy for All Factsheet

Rapid economic growth and industrial expansion based on low cost energy has led to intensive use of energy and other resources in Viet Nam. A development path with high resource intensity exposes the economy to significant risks in an increasingly resource constrained global economy, and producesmore


Technical guidance for integrating climate change into development plans

Climate change is a global issue, which receives the attention of all classes in society, from the highest leaders to the local people in all countries and regions in the world. The results from scientific research in the world and in Vietnam has shown that climate change is imposing greatermore


Technical guidance for the assessment of climate change impacts and the identification of adaptation measures

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges to Vietnam in achieving sustainable development, hunger eradication and poverty reduction. Particularly, the Mekong River Delta is the region which is most vulnerable to sea level rise. However, climate change is new not only for Vietnam but also formore


Viet Nam, a natural disaster prone country particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, faces new challenges as it continues its development journey. A growing population, increased urbanization and rapid economic development are posing great pressures on natural resources and the environment, while economic growth patterns and technologies are not energy efficient, leading to rising greenhouse gas emissions. Together, these high impact issues have collided to threaten the country’s sustainable development. UNDP has been quick to help Viet Nam identify and respond to these challenges in an agile and sustainable manner. The ONE Plan 2012-2016, under which UNDP operates, sets targets to support the Government in the implementation of multilateral environmental agreements to achieve Millennium Development Goals and Viet Nam’s development targets.