Joint UN key recommendations on the draft amended law on marriage and family

26 Nov 2013

United Nations (UN) in Viet Nam commends the drafting committee that developed the draft amended Law on Marriage and Family for the many positive improvements that considerably strengthen gender equality and women’s rights throughout the law. We understand that amending the Law on Family and Marriage to cope with the changing realities of marriage and family in the Vietnamese society is a considerable task. However, it also provides a significant opportunity to bring about greater coherence of Viet Nam’s laws and practices, as well as their compatibility with international laws and human rights standard. Nevertheless, we note that there is still some room for improvement of the draft amended law in line with principles and interpretation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and other international conventions and agreements that Viet Nam has acceded to, as well as the findings, jurisprudence and commentary of international treaty bodies. UN also notes that the draft amended law confronts new issues that have not previously been addressed in law, and some of its proposed amendments have given rise to considerable debate. Therefore, we encourage the National Assembly and the drafting committee to consider a lengthier period of public discussion over the draft law’s amendments, in particular with those who will be directly affected, in order to ensure that they are well formulated, well supported, and respond adequately to the changing realities of marriage and family in Viet Nam.

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