Millennium Development Goals 2010 National Report

31 Aug 2010

The Millenium Development Goals, set to be accomplished by 2015, are one of the most significant items to come out of the Millennium Declaration, signed by 189 Heads of State at the United Nations Summit in September 2000. Since then, the commitments made in the Declaration have been consistently upheld by Viet Nam. In fact, realizing the Development Goals by 2015 has become one of the country's highest priorities.

Over the past ten years, Viet Nam has made encouraging progress in its efforts to achieve the Goals, despite all the hardships and difficulties it faces. Having successfully executed its ten-year Strategy for Socio-Economic Development 2001-2010, the country has not only escaped poverty and lifted itself to middle-income status but also demonstrated the success of its policy approach. Viet Nam has weathered the global economic crisis while maintaining its performance in socio-economic development, poverty reduction and environmental protection

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