Poverty Reduction


Promoting Rapid, Sustainable and Pro-poor Economic Growth for Achieving Millennium Development Goals in Viet Nam

This synthesis paper summarises findings of selected studies on the broad topics of rapid, sustainable and pro-poor growth in Viet Nam and in Asia towards achieving the MDGs carried out and/or commissioned by the UNDP’s Asia-Pacific Regional Programme on the Macroeconomics of Poverty Reduction,more


Provincial Extralegal Investment Incentives in the Context of Decentralisation in Viet Nam: Mutually Beneficial or a Race to the Bottom?

Between 2001 and 2005, local governments in 32 of Viet Nam's 64 provinces were reported to have violated the central government's investment policies by providing extralegal incentives to foreign investors. The remarkably widespread nature of the violations, referred to here as "investmentmore


Reduction of HIV/AIDS Related Employment Discrimination in Viet Nam

HIV/AIDS is a crisis for the world and for Viet Nam. Here in Viet Nam, HIV/AIDS is a crisis on many levels and is affecting the entire nation and its prospects for continued sustainable economic growth. Approximately 1 out of every 75 households already has a family member living withmore


Review and analysis of current ethinic minority policies recommendations for development of ethnic minority policy framework toward 2020

Designing the overall policy framework for a rapid and sustainable socio-economic development of ethnic minority areas in the coming time requires related authorities to comprehensively review and analyze current ethnic policies as well as programs for ethnic minority development. Besides, it ismore


Situation and policy recommendations for land management and use in ethnic minority and mountainous areas

Land policies have an important role to resolve the poverty and social unrest problems for ethnic minorities. Ethnic minorities usually depend on agriculture production in association with land for their living; the ability to switch to other jobs is very low. Most of EMs live with agriculture withmore


Viet Nam has achieved significant economic, social and poverty reduction successes, yet widening inequalities and disparities are emerging. To meet these challenges, UNDP is working to promote inclusive and equitable development in Viet Nam and respond to Government needs to address national development priorities. We support high-quality policy research, facilitate debates and help identify suitable solutions for Viet Nam to design and implement more inclusive development policies, national poverty reduction and social assistance programmes targeting the poorest women and men. UNDP is also strengthening national capacity to monitor socio-economic and human development along with MDG progress. The right-based development and participation of the vulnerable women and men in the development process is an emphasis in all programmatic support areas.