Poverty Reduction


Viet Nam achieving the millennium development goals

This first national report reviews the implementation of MDGs. The report focuses on presenting the achievements, analyzing reasons for success and identifying emerging challenges to reach each goal, and offers policy recommendations to accelerate the effective implementation of MDGs, in line withmore


Viet Nam continues to achieve the millennium development goals

The report offers the Government’s perspective and Viet Nam position on global development issues and the Millennium Declaration. The report clearly shows progress made in Viet Nam towards the Millennium Development Goals. The report demonstrates Viet Nam commitment and efforts to move towardsmore


Viet Nam in ASEAN: Regional Integration Process and Challenges

This book presents a comprehensive survey of Viet Nam’s trade regime, the commitments to change that regime as a member of ASEAN, and the progress made to date. That progress has been less than might have been hoped for, but it has nevertheless been positive. In forthcoming years, importantmore


Viet Nam’s Economy: Success Story or Weird Dualism?

A SWOT Analysis The role of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Viet Nam has often been to provide the Government and the international development community with valuable alternative policy perspectives to help further advance Viet Nam’s impressive development process. It is inmore


Viet Nam’s industrial policy: Designing policies for sustainable development

Viet Nam has made a remarkable transition since 1989 from a centrally planned economy dominated by the administrative allocation of resources to an economy largely governed by market forces. It has accomplished this transition while avoiding the sharp fall in GDP and industrial output that occurredmore


Viet Nam’s infrastructure constraints

During the past decade total infrastructure investment in Viet Nam has, on average, accounted for more than ten percent of GDP, putting it ahead of most East Asian economies, which are renowned for their high level of infrastructure investment. This remarkably high level of investment has resultedmore


Viet Nam has achieved significant economic, social and poverty reduction successes, yet widening inequalities and disparities are emerging. To meet these challenges, UNDP is working to promote inclusive and equitable development in Viet Nam and respond to Government needs to address national development priorities. We support high-quality policy research, facilitate debates and help identify suitable solutions for Viet Nam to design and implement more inclusive development policies, national poverty reduction and social assistance programmes targeting the poorest women and men. UNDP is also strengthening national capacity to monitor socio-economic and human development along with MDG progress. The right-based development and participation of the vulnerable women and men in the development process is an emphasis in all programmatic support areas.