Poverty Reduction


Choosing Success: The Lessons of East and Southeast Asia and Viet Nam's Future

A Policy Framework for Viet Nam's Socioeconomic Development, 2011-2020 This paper was prepared at the request of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung by Harvard's Kennedy School of Government with support from UNDP Viet Nam. The Prime Minister requested a critical analysis of Viet Nam's draftmore


Competitiveness and the Impacts of Trade Liberalization in Viet Nam: The Case of Telecommunications

The study Competitiveness and the Impact of Trade Liberalization in Viet Nam: the Case of Telecommunications was conducted in 2004 and 2005, in the framework of the project “Capacity Strengthening to Manage and Promote Trade in Services in Viet Nam in the Context of Integration” (or “Trade inmore


Credit and Trust: Fruit Markets in the Mekong Delta

The economic literature suggests that in markets where legal institutions are weak, such as Viet Nam, parties will rely on private ordering to assure performance of complex transactions. This paper examines fruit  markets  in  the  Mekong Delta. While  transactions more


Discretionary Rules: Anti-dumping and Viet Nam's Non-market Economy Status

Dumping is defined as the setting of export prices below domestic prices, thus causing harm to industries in the importing country. Any investigation method yielding increased domestic prices increases the likelihood of affirmative dumping determinations. As tariff and non-tariff barriers aremore


East Asia: From Miracle to Crisis - Key Lessons for Viet Nam

This second edition of East Asia: From Miracle to Crisis builds upon the analysis of the first edition published in June 1998. The first edition outlined some of the most important positive and negative lessons from the East Asian development experience over the past forty years, includingmore


Viet Nam has achieved significant economic, social and poverty reduction successes, yet widening inequalities and disparities are emerging. To meet these challenges, UNDP is working to promote inclusive and equitable development in Viet Nam and respond to Government needs to address national development priorities. We support high-quality policy research, facilitate debates and help identify suitable solutions for Viet Nam to design and implement more inclusive development policies, national poverty reduction and social assistance programmes targeting the poorest women and men. UNDP is also strengthening national capacity to monitor socio-economic and human development along with MDG progress. The right-based development and participation of the vulnerable women and men in the development process is an emphasis in all programmatic support areas.