Poverty Reduction


Gender Defferences in the Transitional Economy of Viet Nam

The report explores the gender differences in key sectors of development and attempts to define broad policy directions. The research findings show that important gender equality achievements have been made and in some areas, the situation of women and girls is actually better than for men andmore


Getting to work

This paper addresses issues related to the mobilization and use of labour in Vietnam and its relation to urbanization processes occurring in the country. Researched and written in tandem with a companion paper entitled ‘A robust harvest: strategic choices for agricultural and rural development inmore


Globalisation, Gender and Work in the Context of Economic Transition: The Case of Viet Nam

This paper is concerned with the gender and poverty implications of globalisation in the context ofViet Nam. There is a growing literature on these linkages as they play out in countries that are moving or have moved from more to less regulated market economies. What is different about themore


Health Care Financing for Viet Nam

The “doi moi” reforms launched in 1986, marked a shift from a centrally planned to a “socialist oriented market economy under State management”. Although this process led to marked improvements in overall well being for most of the people of Viet Nam, many still live at risk ofmore


Health insurance in Viet Nam towards universal coverage: The case of the workers of the informal sector

The 2008 Law on Health Insurance targets comprehensive health insurance coverage by 2014. In 2009, health insurance was expanded to 58.4% of the population, demonstrating the efforts of the Government to expand the provision of health care. However, extending the coverage of health insurance to themore


Viet Nam has achieved significant economic, social and poverty reduction successes, yet widening inequalities and disparities are emerging. To meet these challenges, UNDP is working to promote inclusive and equitable development in Viet Nam and respond to Government needs to address national development priorities. We support high-quality policy research, facilitate debates and help identify suitable solutions for Viet Nam to design and implement more inclusive development policies, national poverty reduction and social assistance programmes targeting the poorest women and men. UNDP is also strengthening national capacity to monitor socio-economic and human development along with MDG progress. The right-based development and participation of the vulnerable women and men in the development process is an emphasis in all programmatic support areas.