Women's representation in the National Assembly of Viet Nam - the way forward

13 Dec 2012

Viet Nam has always placed a strong emphasis on gender equality. This has resulted in important achievements such as low maternal mortality and high access to education. Indeed, Vietnamese women have one of the highest labour force participation rates in the world. On most gender indicators Viet Nam compares positively in international rankings, especially compared to other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Despite the fact that Viet Nam has achieved middle-income status and is in the process of modernization, the number of women represented in the National Assembly has been declining over the past ten years.

This study, based largely on interviews with current and former female Members of Parliament and representatives of the Viet Nam Women’s Union, the Fatherland Front, government officials and social organizations, indicates that there are a number of ways that the process could be improved to increase the number of women who are successful in elections.

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