Vietnamese Women in the Year 2000

02 Oct 2000

Vietnamese women play an important role in the history of the country – in the development and the protection of Viet Nam. However, their contribution has not been always adequately recognized. To draw in the talent of women and their positive and diverse roles in development, the United Nations inViet Nam organized the national women’s photographic competition, Vietnamese Women in the Year 2000.

By highlighting the important roles of women in society, through positive photographic images, the United Nations in Viet Nam aims to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women, both of which are crucial elements for the sustainable development of the country.

The twelve categories of the competition depict the role of women in development fields in which UN agencies work in Viet Nam. These broad fields are: poverty reduction, HIV/AIDS prevention, child protection, family planning and reproductive health, agriculture and food production, cultural preservation, industrial development, returnee reintegration, unpaid and voluntary work, migration, health care and drug prevention.

The competition has received over 1,000 photographs from all over the country. This catalogue introduces the top 22 of the 82 winning photographs, including special, first and second prizes from all of the categories.