Empowerment of women to claim land rights in Viet Nam


Inequality between women and men in access to land, particularly upon divorce and inheritance, is widespread throughout the world and has become a key focus of legal empowerment initiatives worldwide. Equality between women and men has been guaranteed in all of Viet Nam’s Constitutions since 1945 and concretized in many of Viet Nam’s laws, including in relation to property rights.

However, recent studies on gender aspects of landholding in Viet Nam have identified a number of factors which have prevented women’s equal rights being enforced or protected in reality. The research to date, while demonstrating the gap between Viet Nam’s laws and their enforcement in reality, does not yet provide an adequate basis for policy recommendations on appropriate legal empowerment strategies for women in Viet Nam.

It is therefore timely to conduct in-depth research and analysis into the factors which may prevent women – across the full range of socio-economic and ethnic groups, in urban and rural areas and in different parts of the country -- from realizing their equal land rights upon divorce and through inheritance in Viet Nam, and on effective strategies for their empowerment.

What are the project's key results?

  • Obstacles to realising women’s land rights as well as empowerment strategies (individual, collective, socio- political and legal) for women to claim their land rights identified.
  • Strategy (including action-oriented solutions) for empowerment of women as applicable in Viet Nam’s socio-economic and cultural circumstances developed and recommended to the competent authorities and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Effective mechanism for women’s empowerment to claim land rights in reality piloted and institutionalised.

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