Democratic Governance

  • Capacity enhancement for intensive international integration of Viet Nam towards 2020

    The Vietnamese Government’s commitment to international economic integration is reflected in its policies and Viet Nam is engaged in many regional institutions.

  • Strengthening the capacities for budgetary decision and oversight of people’s elected bodies in Viet Nam

    UNDP started its cooperation with the Committee on Financial and Budgetary Affairs in early 2000. In the first phase of the project impact was made in relation to the development of legal and institutional frameworks and revision of working procedures. The current project will continue to support deliberative bodies involved in state budget decisions and oversight following reforms in the Constitution and the Law on State Budget. The project focuses on three main components: vision and development strategy for public finance management and oversight; strengthening the capacity of National Assembly institutions and support staff involved with state budget decisions and oversight; and strengthening capacity of provincial People’s Councils and support staff involved with state budget decisions and oversight.

  • Legal Empowerment through Support for the Viet Nam Lawyers’ Association

    Legal empowerment of the poor and disadvantaged is a key strategic priority for VLA and UNDP cooperation given UNDP is strongly positioned to offer policy advice, expertise and experience from around the world on strengthening access to justice and legal empowerment of the poor and disadvantaged groups.

  • Empowerment of women to claim land rights in Viet Nam

    Inequality between women and men in access to land, particularly upon divorce and inheritance, is widespread throughout the world and has become a key focus of legal empowerment initiatives worldwide. Equality between women and men has been guaranteed in all of Viet Nam’s Constitutions since 1945 and concretized in many of Viet Nam’s laws, including in relation to property rights.

  • Follow-up and support to the implementation of Vietnam’s Universal Periodic Review recommendations: Increasing Vietnam’s human rights capacities

    This project aims to address and fill Vietnam’s capacity gaps in the area of human rights, so as to allow Vietnam to play a more active role in international and regional human rights mechanisms and to more effectively implement human rights obligations at national level.


During the past decade, Viet Nam attained middle-income country status as a result of impressive economic growth. However progress in social development, including education and health, has been less rapid contributing to slower growth in human development, indicating remaining governance system challenges to keep pace with economic development. UNDP Viet Nam’s governance work focuses on three main pillars: human rights, rule of law and access to justice, along with parliamentary development and public administration reform. Our interventions in governance are made through nationally-executed projects and the work of in-house governance policy advisors.

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