Strengthening the Capacity of Vietnamese Government’s Agencies in Accelerating and Improving PAR Efficiency and Effectiveness


Public administration reform (PAR) lies at the heart of Viet Nam’s effort to move towards people-centered development as a middle income country. The reforms are vital to ensure the linkage between economic growth and poverty reduction, and for the country’s further integration into regional and international economic systems. The PAR Master Programme (2001 – 2010) presents a holistic and systematic approach to address both urgent and fundamental issues vital to Viet Nam’s development agenda.

After 8 years of the Programme implementation, achievements have been attained in PAR, making considerable changes in the public administration: improving public administration efficiency and effectiveness; reforming administration institutions; making the administrative procedures more simple and transparent; readjusting the function, mandate and organizational structure of public administration agencies so as to make them more appropriate and orderly; improving the relationship between public administration agencies and citizens/enterprises.

However, there still remain irrational issues and challenges in the current public administration system. The PAR Steering Committee’s Report No. 01/2006/BC-BC-CCHC of April 2006 on the review of the implementation of the first phase (2001-2005) of the PAR master programme (2001-2010) recognized that despite its achievements, PAR has been slow in progress, less effective than scheduled and inconsistent. The public administration has been improved yet is far behind economic reform requirements and has become backward compared to modern public administrations. Experience on PAR implementation management has shown a number of issues that significantly reduce the PAR result, such as: i) Lack of strategic Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) frameworks that provide consistent, systematic and reliable data on progress made and gaps to be filled; ii) The public service delivery models have not been thoroughly reformed ; iii) Strong quality control of public administration service delivery is lacking; iv) Insufficient and inadequate attention to local government reform issues, especially at the grassroots level [so as to make local governments more effective, efficient and accountable to the people]; and v) Inadequate partnership, cooperation and communication between concerned stakeholders, agencies and individuals at all levels.

In August 2007, the 5th Plenum of the Party Central Committee (the Xth term) issued a Resolution on “Accelerating PAR, improving public effectiveness and efficiency” with 10 core solutions.

In November 2007, the Government adopted the Action Plan (Resolution No. 53/2007/NQ-CP) for the implementation of the above-mentioned Party Resolution with 59 specific tasks. In the implementation of the Government Action Plan, to date, most of the ministries, central agencies and provincial authorities have issued their own PAR Action Plan and put them into effect.

The new project “Strengthening the capacity of Vietnamese Government’s agencies in accelerating and improving PAR efficiency and effectiveness” has been designed to support the Government of Vietnam in addressing a number of issues that closely linked to the Government Decision 53 to accelerate PAR, improve government efficiency and effectiveness.

What are the project's key results?

• M&E system and indicators for PAR designed and piloted. 
• PAR Master Programme 2001 - 2010 reviewed and PAR Master Programme 2011 - 2020 oriented.
• New public service delivery models developed and piloted in education, health and culture sectors. 
• Support the pilot abolishment of people’s council at district and ward level 
• Support the study on improving the role and responsibility of local administrative body head 
• Result-based PAR partnership, cooperation and communication strengthened in three dimensions: (a) within government; (b) between government and donor community; and (c) between government and other stakeholders - citizens and private sector.

Finance, Executing and Implementing Agency

Project Number Funding Executing Agency Implementing Agency
56616 US$ 3.800.000 from TRAC fund Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA), Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism (MCST)

Delivery in Previous Fiscal Year

Year      Delivery (USD)
2009 331,709.50
2010 779,415
2011 808,459
2012 1,480,346
2013 333,462
Project Overview
Project start date
April 2009 – April 2012
Geographic coverage
Focus area
Democratic Governance
UNDP Programme officer
Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Han;; Tel: (84 4) 942 1495 ext. 286
Mr. Dinh Duy Hoa;; Tel: (84 4) 3978 0443