Strengthening the capacity of representative bodies in Viet Nam - Phase 3


Since the Doi Moi reforms of the late 1980s, Viet Nam has witnessed high levels of economic growth coupled with a rapid integration into global markets and an equally rapid reduction in poverty. These economic and social achievements have necessitated continuous efforts to improve the legal framework and to promote the rule of law consistent with international norms, principles and practices.

Than ever before, the National Assembly (NA) has become a far more powerful and relevant institution within the political system. Nevertheless, the challenges are manifold. Continued rapid economic growth and integration will necessitate further reforms towards NA’s enhanced accountability, transparency and participation in public life. As a result, the requirement for capacity building for deputies of the NA and People’s Councils (PCs) has increased.

In this context, the political commitment to strengthen the NA and the PCs has opened up new opportunities for cooperation with the international donor community. In partnership with other bilateral and multilateral organizations, UNDP has been supporting the NA since the mid-1990s. The Project “Strengthening the Capacity People’s Elected Bodies in Vietnam” (VIE/02/007) started in 2003. To ensure its continuity of support, the Project “Strengthening the capacity of Representative bodies in Vietnam - Phase 3” (Project 00049114) has a larger number of scheduled activities and expected outcomes than its predecessor and lasts until 2012.

With the four components namely Policy Dialogue and Aid Coordination, Capacity Development of the NA, Capacity Development of Provincial PCs, and Learning and Training for Elected Members and their Staff, the project contributes to the fulfillment of the joint commitments and results identified in the One UN Plan (2007-2010), signed by the Government of Viet Nam and UNDP in 2007.

Main beneficiaries of the project includes the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, the Office (Secretariat) of the National Assembly (ONA) and selected Committees of the National Assembly, the Training Centre for Elected Representatives (TCER) and Provincial People’s Councils at both institutional and individual levels. The project also encourages participation of citizens, civil society organizations, media, and journalists at national and provincial levels in the activities of the NA and PCs.


What are the project's key results?

  • Enhanced Policy Dialogue and Aid Coordination
  • Strengthened capacities of National Assembly  on representative, oversight and legislative functions
  • Strengthened capacities of People’s Councils to perform the duties entrusted to them as part of ongoing decentralization proceses
  • Improved learning and knowledge sharing systems and instruments in response to the specific needs of the National Assembly and Provincial Peoples Councils

Finance, Executing and Implementing Agency

Project Number Funding Executing Agency Implementing Agency
59659 7,585,400 USD from One UN Plan Fund Office of the National Assembly (ONA) Office of the National Assembly (ONA)

Delivery in Previous Fiscal Year

Year      Delivery (USD)
2008 1,352,950
2009 1,060,441
2010 936,940
2011 715,133
2012 814,660
2013 67,077
Project Overview
Project start date
5 years
Geographic coverage
Primarily in Ha Noi with periodic work done in all 64 Provincial People’s Councils
Focus area
Democratic Governance
UNDP Programme officer
Ms. Bui Phuong Tra;; Tel: (84 4) 3942 1495 ext. 237
Ms. Pham Bich Ngoc;; Tel: (84 4) 3938 6110/111