Our Projects

Poverty Reduction

  • Support to multi-dimensional poverty reduction in urban areasIn recognition of the importance of the urban poverty and multi-dimensional poverty approach on poverty reduction, UNDP has cooperated with Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city to develop and implement the Project “Support to in-depth assessment of urban povert in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city” for the period 2008-2011 (or the Project “Urban poverty”). This project and other related studies have provided the first in-depth and comprehensive information on urban poverty reality to contribute to formulation and implementation of poverty reduction.

  • Strengthening capacity for human development policy making in Viet NamThe project, building on the success of the previous VASS-UNDP collaborations including on 2001 and 2011 NHDRs, projects “Assistance to the 20 year Review of Doi Moi in Viet Nam” and “Support for Effective Policy Making Through the Development of Scientific Evidence Based Research” and based on the request of VASS, aims to support Strengthening capacity for human development policy making in Vietnam.

  • MDGs monitoring and reporting - An institutionalized framework for monitoring, advocating and advising, and South-South cooperationVietnam produced three MDG reports in 2005, 2008 and 2010. The quality of these reports has been improved over the years. MDGRs, not only disseminated and used for policy advicacy in Vietnam, but also presented at the UN summit on MDGs by the Vietnam's top leaders in order to share experiences with other nations. Vietnam plans to prepare two more reports in 2013 and 2015 to reflect the progress and results of MDGs implementation.

Democratic Governance

  • Legal Empowerment through Support for the Viet Nam Lawyers’ AssociationLegal empowerment of the poor and disadvantaged is a key strategic priority for VLA and UNDP cooperation given UNDP is strongly positioned to offer policy advice, expertise and experience from around the world on strengthening access to justice and legal empowerment of the poor and disadvantaged groups.

  • Follow-up and support to the implementation of Vietnam’s Universal Periodic Review recommendations: Increasing Vietnam’s human rights capacitiesThis project aims to address and fill Vietnam’s capacity gaps in the area of human rights, so as to allow Vietnam to play a more active role in international and regional human rights mechanisms and to more effectively implement human rights obligations at national level.

  • Strengthening the impact of Public Administration Reform in Bac Giang provincemproving performance of civil servants and quality of delivery of public services to the people and organizations through OSS/IAOSS mechanism are priorities in the PAR Master Plan 2011-2020 of Bac Giang. These objectives are in line with the policy and priority directions of UNDP in the coming years, which is a key strategic priority for Bac Giang DOHA and UNDP cooperation, given that UNDP is strongly positioned to offer policy advice, expertise and experience from around the world in strengthening access to public administration services of the people and disadvantaged groups. Through support to Bac Giang DOHA, the project aims to enhance a customer-oriented approach, and accountability and transparency of human resource development procedures. Furthermore, the project will support Bac Giang DOHA in its advocacy efforts towards gender equity in public administration system and in accessing administrative services.

Environment, Climate Change & Disasters

Women's Empowerment

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