Our Projects

Poverty Reduction

  • The project, building on the success of the project “Support to Socio-Economic Development Monitoring” 2005-2011 supported by UNDP, aims to support the Viet Nam’s Statistics System (VSS) in implementing the Viet Nam Statistical Development Strategy 2011-2020, Vision to 2030 (VSDS). Specifically, the project focuses on improvement of the statistical legal framework, coordination mechanism of stakeholders in the VSS, data dissemination, statistical methodology and techniques in some prioritized fields, and M&E of the progress of implementing the VSDS.

  • The project, building on the success of the previous VASS-UNDP collaborations including on 2001 and 2011 NHDRs, projects “Assistance to the 20 year Review of Doi Moi in Viet Nam” and “Support for Effective Policy Making Through the Development of Scientific Evidence Based Research” and based on the request of VASS, aims to support Strengthening capacity for human development policy making in Vietnam.

  • Vietnam produced three MDG reports in 2005, 2008 and 2010. The quality of these reports has been improved over the years. MDGRs, not only disseminated and used for policy advicacy in Vietnam, but also presented at the UN summit on MDGs by the Vietnam's top leaders in order to share experiences with other nations. Vietnam plans to prepare two more reports in 2013 and 2015 to reflect the progress and results of MDGs implementation.

Democratic Governance

Environment, Climate Change & Disasters

  • The project's objective is to support the building of awareness, institutional, scientific and technical capacity for the effective implementation off the National Strategy on Climate Change at some ministries and localities, making a contribution to the implementation off the Party Central Committee’s Resolution N0 24-NQ/TW on on actively responding to climate change, strengthening resource management and environmental protection.

  • The Project has the goal to reduce intensity of GHG emissions from the building sector in Viet Nam. The project objective is to improve the energy utilization performance of commercial and high-rise residential buildings in Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi.

  • Viet Nam has been invited to join the BIOFIN Initiative and the financial partners to BIOFIN are highly supportive of Viet Nam’s participation. Through technical and financial support, BIOFIN can assist Viet Nam to assess the current financial flows to biodiversity protection and develop appropriate action plans and mechanisms to improve the flow and sustainability of finance. Furthermore, it will assist in costing the implementation of the recently undated National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP).

Women's Empowerment