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Drafting laws that reflect the needs of ordinary people in Viet Nam

Tran Thi Hy is the head of Cho Lau town’s study promotion association in the Viet Nam province of Binh Thuan. Recently, she attended a public consultation on a proposed measure to raise school fees. "I was given a questionnaire to fill in and invited to speak,” she said. “I believe it is importmore


Giving voice to 13,000 citizens: A unique survey in Viet Nam asks citizens about their experience of governance and public administration

With corruption a systemic problem in Viet Nam, a first-of-a-kind survey has asked people across the country what their experiences are of governance and public administration in the area they live. The UNDP-supported Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) is the lamore


Knowing your rights: Land compensation and access to information in Viet Nam

Mr Hoang Van Khoa and Mrs Ung Duoc Lan live in Phan Lam, a mountainous commune in Bac Binh district, in the southeastern province of Binh Thuan in Viet Nam. In 2008, they lost their seven hectares of land which was to be used for a reservoir basin for an irrigation project. As a result, they were demore

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The Viet Nam Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) 2013

PAPI is a pioneering initiative that has become the largest time-series national governance and public administration performance monitoring tool in Viet Nam exclusively based on citizens experiences.

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