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Listening to the views and needs of poor and marginalized people

Yen Bai province – Sung Thi My is 18 years old. She lives in the mountainous village of Dau Cau, which is located in the district of Tram Tau in northern Yen Bai province. My is married and has an 18-month daughter. She only speaks her mother tongue, Mong, and not any Vietnamese. My never went to smore


The Cambridge-Viet Nam Leadership Programme: Empowerment of women in the public sector

"It is the very first time in my life to witness a world in one campus, to listen to people from different countries, cultures and religions share their own creative ways to design and implement sucessful gender-sensitive projects and laws. My eyes have been opened. I can now retell my impressimore


Vietnamese cities embrace energy-efficient public lighting

A UNDP funded project is bringing energy efficient lighting to streets, schools and hospitals across Viet Nam. Increasing energy efficiency is central to the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help curb climate change in the country. The Vietnam Energy Efficient Public Lighting is an ambmore