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helenUNDP Administrator Helen Clark meets with Vietnamese Prime Minister Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung in June 2010.

UNDP’s current projects in Viet Nam stem directly from the organization’s comparative advantages as a global network and the lead coordinating agency of the United Nations system. Its record of close and longstanding partnership with the Government also gives it a distinctive position. With a worldwide policy network, UNDP helps Viet Nam gain access to state-of-the-art thinking about development challenges as well as to lessons learned in societies around the globe and varied opportunities for public and private support.

Today, the Government and UNDP Viet Nam have focused cooperation toward the twin objectives of achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), set out by the United Nations in 2000, and meeting Viet Nam’s own benchmarks on the path to sustainable and higher human development. UNDP support takes the form of technical assistance for policy advisory services and strategic capacity development at national and local levels.

UNDP’s portfolio of programmes in Viet Nam highlights the mutual commitment of both the Government and UNDP to bring decision-making closer to the people and to ensure greater participation of those being served. UNDP also aims to combine Viet Nam’s effort to integrate in the world economy with a human development approach that works for all the country’s citizens, especially the most vulnerable groups. Our work is carried out in partnership, wherever possible, to deepen its effectiveness.

Though responsive to and driven by local conditions, the portfolio is organized around the global practice areas of UNDP: Democratic Governance, Poverty Reduction, Environment, Climate Change & Disasters and Women's Empowerment . In each of these practice areas, UNDP Viet Nam prioritizes gender equality and opportunity.

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