Poverty Reduction

Viet Nam has achieved significant economic, social and poverty reduction successes, yet widening inequalities and disparities are emerging. To meet these challenges, UNDP is working to promote inclusive and equitable development in Viet Nam and respond to Government needs to address national development priorities.

Our Goals

We support high-quality policy research, facilitate debates and help identify suitable solutions for Viet Nam to design and implement more inclusive development policies, national poverty reduction and social assistance programmes targeting the poorest women and men. UNDP is also strengthening national capacity to monitor socio-economic and human development along with MDG progress. The right-based development and participation of the vulnerable women and men in the development process is an emphasis in all programmatic support areas.more

Poverty Reduction

UNDP is working to promote inclusive and equitable development in Viet Nam and respond to Government needs to address national development priorities. Photo: Bac Ha - Tet 2009. @ UN Viet Nam/ Caroline den Duck.

Our Stories

  • In Viet Nam, taking ownership to escape poverty

    UNDP has supported the Government in efforts to tackle deep seated, chronic poverty amongst ethnic minority groups since the mid 1990’s, providing early support to the Hunger Eradication and Poverty Reduction (HEPR) programmeMore

Projects and Initiatives

Support to the implementation of the Resolution 80/NQ-CP on directions of sustainable poverty reduction 2011-2020 and the National Targeted Program on Sustainable Poverty Reduction 2012-2016

These efforts will help the Government of Viet Nam implement Resolution 80 and the NTP-SPR, ensuring the enforcement of the Hanoi Core Statement on aid effectiveness through a channel of joint technical assistance programing by interested partners. More

Support to multi-dimensional poverty reduction in urban areas

In recognition of the importance of the urban poverty and multi-dimensional poverty approach on poverty reduction, UNDP has cooperated with Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city to develop and implement the Project “Support to in-depth assessment of urban povert in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city” for the period 2008-2011 (or the Project “Urban poverty”). This project and other related studies have provided the first in-depth and comprehensive information on urban poverty reality to contribute to formulation and implementation of poverty reduction. More

Support for enhancing capacity in advising, examining, and overseeing macroeconomic policies

This project will contribute to the UN One Plan’s Outcome 1: “social and economic development policies, plans and laws support equitable and inclusive growth and conform to the values and goals of the Millennium Declaration and other relevant international agreements and conventions” and the Country Programme Output 1.10 “knowledge increased and policy options identified to promote more pro-poor public finance policies that take into account the impacts of trade liberalisation and financial reforms”. More

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Impact of Program 135-phase II through the lens of baseline and endline surveys

The major aim of this “Impact of Program 135-phase II through the Lens of Baseline and Endline Surveys” report is to measure the impact of the program on the expected economic outcomes of the households, mainly the poverty, income, agriculture production, housing conditions, and access to the basic public services.

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