Women's Empowerment

Viet Nam has been witness to dramatic socio-economic change during the past two decades. As a new middle-income country, it continues to rapidly develop with significant regulatory and structural changes building the foundations for a more equitable society. Despite these impressive signs of progress, headlined by a reduced poverty rate and achievement of many Millennium Development Goals (MDG) - including MDG 3 on gender equality, Vietnamese women today confront challenges fueled by inequality, discrimination and lack of economic opportunities.

Our Goals

To confront these challenges, UNDP has made gender equality and women’s empowerment one of its major new focus areas as part of its goal to support more inclusive, equitable and rights-based development in Viet Nam.more

Women's Empowerment

UNDP is working to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment, so women and girls can participate in and benefit from economic progress and development. Photo: Female parliamentarians discussing population and development issues. @ UNFPAmore

Our Stories

The Cambridge-Viet Nam Leadership Programme: Empowerment of women in the public sector

"It is the very first time in my life to witness a world in one campus, to listen to people from different countries, cultures and religions share their own creative ways to design and implement sucessful gender-sensitive projects and laws.More 

Photo: @Save the Children/2011
Ensuring women and children have access to clean water during floods

When her house became completely inundated because of a severe and longlasting flood in the Viet Nam Mekong Delta in October-November 2011, Ngoc, 29 years old,More 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Empowerment of Women in the Public Sector in the Context of International Economic Integration

    This project will create opportunities for highly qualified women employed in Viet Nam’s public sector to undertake advanced study and research at the University of Cambridge and in collaboration with University of Cambridge scholars. The objective of the project is to help identify ways and means to empower women working in the public sector to deal with new challenges in relation to Viet Nam's deeper and broader economic integration, and prepare exceptionally talented women from Viet Nam’s public sector to take on leadership roles in all fields. more 

  • Empowerment of women to claim land rights in Viet Nam

    Inequality between women and men in access to land, particularly upon divorce and inheritance, is widespread throughout the world and has become a key focus of legal empowerment initiatives worldwide. Equality between women and men has been guaranteed in all of Viet Nam’s Constitutions since 1945 and concretized in many of Viet Nam’s laws, including in relation to property rights.more 

  • Women's leadership: Empowerment of women in the period of international integration

    The overall objective of the project is to strengthen women’s representation and participation at legislative and administrative levels, contributing to the realization of the strategy and the objectives of building a democratic, just and civilized society.more 

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