Impact of global economic crisis

Feb 10, 2009

The past few months have seen a constant flow of news stories reporting on the unfolding global financial and economic crisis and its likely impact on Viet Nam. A new UNDP paper looks at the likely effects of the global crisis on the Vietnamese economy and the potential impact on employment levels which threaten poverty reduction achievements made over the past two decades.

Recent news stories have reported on large drops in the number of visiting tourists, companies postponing investments, others closing down, as well as a general slowdown in the rate of economic activity, FDI inflows and exports and imports of goods and services. One immediate effect of the crisis in Viet Nam is likely be on employment levels and job creation, as firms and entrepreneurs adjust to a falling global and local demand, delay investments in new production capacity or, in some cases, close down. This paper aims to provide some clarity as to how and by how much the current economic slowdown will impact employment levels and job creation and looks at available policy options which will limit the effects of the crisis on the Vietnamese economy and its population.

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