Time for men to take a more active role in promoting gender equality, says UN Resident Coordinator

Mar 9, 2010

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, UN Resident Coordinator John Hendra spoke at a special event yesterday organized by the Viet Nam’s Women’s Union. In the spirit of the global theme of Equal Rights, Equality Opportunities, Progress for All, the Resident Coordinator acknowledged Viet Nam’s significant achievements in the area of gender equality while calling on men to play a greater role in women’s empowerment this year.

“As men, we have a very important role to play in promoting women’s advancement.  Women cannot make this change alone; gender equality is a partnership which requires all our efforts," he said.  "In the Year 2010, it is time for men to take a more active role in promoting gender equality and supporting women in their lives.  In particular, I would like to encourage the men of Viet Nam to speak out against violence against women in all its forms; do more around the house to care for children and the family; and share decision-making equally with the women in their lives at work and at home.”

The Resident Coordinator noted that Viet Nam is a leader in the region in promoting gender equality, has ratified the international Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), and has established laws and policies that reflect CEDAW - especially the two landmark laws: the Law on Gender Equality and Law on Domestic Violence.  At the same time, many challenges remain at both the national and global level, including gender disparities in pay and promotion, and the need for women to have greater role in decision-making that affects their lives.

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