Asia-Pacific Human Development Report on climate change launched in Hanoi

May 15, 2012

Ha Noi – The Asia-Pacific Human Development Report (One Planet to Share) was launched today in Hanoi at a workshop on climate change, organized by the United Nations in Viet Nam.

The Human Development Report argues that the Asia-Pacific region must do what has not been done before: continue to sustain growth, lift people out of poverty, but do so with reduced greenhouse gas emissions intensity. It makes very clear that: “growing first and cleaning up afterwards is not an option any more”. With more than half of humanity living in Asia-Pacific and with much of global growth projected to come from the region, what happens here makes a global difference.

At the workshop, Professor Dao Xuan Hoc, vice chairman of the national commission on climate change, also gave a presentation on water resource management in the Mekong delta.

This was followed by a presentation on fossil fuel fiscal policies in Viet Nam, based on a recent UNDP policy discussion paper on the topic. The paper looks at subsides and taxes in Viet Nam’s energy sector and their effects on economic development and income distribution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

The workshop was chaired by Pratibha Mehta, the UN Resident Coordinator in Viet Nam. Comments were provided by a panel of UN representatives from FAO, UNDP and UNIDO, as well as Professor Hoc from the national commission on climate change.

For more information, see:

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