Policy dialogue and sharing of international experience on disaster risk management

Nov 17, 2012

Ha Noi - As part of the preparation for the plenary discussion at the National Assembly on 21 November about the Law on Disaster Risk Management, the NA's Committee of Science, Technology and Environment in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the UN Development Programme, organized here today a policy dialogue and sharing of international experiences in disaster risk management.

NA deputies, representatives from ministries of Agriculture and Rural Development, Natural Resources and Environment, and Defence, heard the response on issues brought up during the verifying process of the new Law, including the subject matters of the Law, its principles, resources and institutional arrangement. The participants were also exposed to the experiences of the Bangladesh and Indonesia's Parliament in global and regional parliamentary cooperation as well as the development and implementation of the disaster risk management law. The prevention models of Japan, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, United States were also shared at the meeting.

Speaking at the meeting, Ms Louise Chamberlain, acting UNDP Resident Representative, highlighted the key issues that the new Law needs to address. "The Law should encompass all phases and components of  disaster risk management – from mitigation and preparedness, to response, recovery and development. Addressing also the preparedness stage will enable the country to undertake long- and medium term planning and investments to reduce vulnerability and disaster impacts and to sustain post-disaster development. Systematic investment in preparedness and resilience can greatly reduce the loss of lives and other costs of disaster to society," Ms Chamberlain emphasized.

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