Court governance spotlighted at legal policy dialogue

Nov 23, 2012

Photo: © United Nations Viet Nam\2010\Aidan Dockery

Ha Noi -"Court governance in Viet Nam" was the focus of a legal policy dialogue held here today, jointly organized by the Ministry of Justice and the UN Development Programme.

Participants from relevant central and provincial agencies and civil societies, embassies, international organizations as well as national and international experts heard representative from the Central Steering Committee on Justice Reform presenting key findings on its latest research: "Court governance - international experience and practice in Viet Nam".

UNDP Country Director Louise Chamberlain said this was the most comprehensive survey so far, with the participation of more than 2,500 judges, representing almost half of the entire judiciary across provincial and district courts nationwide. "The new definition of the 'rule of law' with its emphasis on mutual controls or check and balances between different branches of State power, provides an important opportunity for Viet Nam to clarify which powers belong to the judicial branch, as well as its role in controlling other branches of state power," Chamberlain noted.

UNDP Policy Advisor Nicholas Booth also shared his reflections on the research results and comparisons with similar research in China.

  • Click here to see the presentation on court governance: some comparisons between Vietnam and China