National talk links disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation efforts

Oct 11, 2013

Photo: Kibae Park

Ha Noi -  A major UN-backed forum today sought solutions to the interconnected challenges of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation faced by Viet Nam. The forum was chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai and brought together representatives from various Government agencies, donors, non-government organizations and other partners.

The forum was the third initiated by the UN in Viet Nam but the first jointly held by the National Committee on Climate Change, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MONRE). The forum’s objectives going forward are:

  • Review and update the implementation progress of the Government's Programme on Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation during the last year
  • Identify areas for further improvement, especially coordination and collaboration between MARD and MONRE, in step with line ministries and agencies
  • Strengthen the sharing of legal, policy and scientific research information as well as disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation experiences.

UN Resident Coordinator in Viet Nam Ms Pratibha Mehta at the forum praised the Government’s commitment to collaborate with all stakeholders in addressing the two inter-connected issues. “The forum today is testament to the unique cooperation between MARD and MONRE to gather stakeholders to share their insights and encourage discussions on policy options for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation,” she said. “To ensure the continuation and sustainability of the forum, we propose linking these two issues together in the deliberations of the National Committee on Climate Change.”

Ms Mehta highlighted the need to ensure funding for prevention and preparedness and to accelerate the implementation of the community-based disaster risk management programme that incorporates climate change adaptation aspects. She also pointed to the private sector as a powerful ally to strengthen cities’ resilience, improve contingency planning and business continuity as well as to provide jobs and help urban and rural communities recover from the impacts of climate change and natural disasters.

MARD and MONRE leaders at the forum also emphasized the importance of the early warning system and the public-private partnership in addressing natural disaster and climate change challenges, while other participants discussed the unpredictable impact of weather changes and climate extremes, and shared new concerns over the security of reservoirs, cities and industries. In particular, regional and river basin planning based on international experiences was also presented for discussion.

More information?

For further information, please read the speech by Ms. Pratibha Mehta, United Nations Resident Coordinator, at the Third National Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change Adaptation.

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