High-level consultation on Viet Nam's Ten Year Socio-Economic Development Strategy

Nov 21, 2000

Ha Noi - A second High-Level Round Table Consultation was today (21 Nov 2000) hosted here by the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), focusing on Viet Nam's Ten Year Socio-Economic Development Strategy for 2001-2010.

His Excellency Mr Nguyen Tan Dung, First Deputy Prime Minister of Viet Nam and Mr Edouard Wattez, Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programm in Viet Nam, opened the meeting, which they both described as presenting a "unique opportunity for dialogue." Having strongly supported the initial high-level consultations in June, in which he underlined the Government's keen interest in initiating an open dialogue with the donor community, Minister for Planning and Investment, Mr Tran Xuan Gia, also participated in discussions during the meeting. Mr Wattez noted that "the consultations set out to offer Viet Nam practical suggestions for further defining its strategic directions over the next ten years, and the Strategy document itself."

This meeting is part of the process of consultations between MPI, the Strategy Preparatory Group, a variety of senior Vietnamese officials, Ambassadors and other representatives from the international donor community. The importance of this consultative meeting was reflected by the attendance of over 150 participants, including former ministers, current vice-ministers, scientists and the drafting team responsible for the strategy formulation process. Ambassadors and senior representatives from many countries attended the meeting, along with heads of various international organizations and international experts and representatives from the NGO community.

Building on the unprecedented First High-Level Round Table Consultation held in June this year, the talks focused on an open discussion of the latest draft of the Government's new Ten Year Socio-Economic Development Strategy. The broad-ranging discussions are expected to greatly assist further improvements in the Strategy and Viet Nam's five-year plans. The discussion particularly focused on some of the more fundamental underlying issues contained in the Strategy, with the aim of better defining the Strategy in the approach to the National Party Congress to be held in early 2001.

Senior Vietnamese officials directly involved in the strategy preparation process offered their insights and perspectives on the strategic directions for the next ten years. Representatives of the international community also provided their perspectives and views on the current draft of the Strategy, offering advice and recommendations to assist in the definition and refining of the Government's final Strategy.

Following a request made by Minister Gia at the June Round Table Consultation, the meeting sought from the international community, practical and realistic recommendations to help Viet Nam capitalize on emerging opportunities, while minimizing risks and successfully meeting emerging challenges. Many Ambassadors and other international representatives sincerely thanked the Vietnamese Government for their willingness to engage in this open dialogue process that offers the international community the opportunity to directly participate and provide their own recommendations and advice.

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