Trade promotion techniques discussed

Oct 30, 2001

Ha Noi - Over the last two days, representatives of the Ministry of Trade and other ministries, Trade Promotion Agency (VIETRADE), Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, trade promotion centres from northern and central provinces, and state-owned and private export enterprises, came together to discuss trade promotion techniques.

This seminar, jointly supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Government of Switzerland and the Government of New Zealand, also focused on the importance of support services, such as, market research, design services and quality control for trade promotion. This is the first of four specialized trade promotion seminars to be organized under a Preparatory Assistance for support to trade promotion and export development.

"Viet Nam has become a member of ASEAN, APEC and signed a number of bilateral trade agreements, including the US-Viet Nam trade agreement which has been passed by the US Congress," said Vice Minister of Trade Phan The Rue in his opening speech. "These factors have stressed the demand for quick diversification of export products and markets as well as for strengthened trade promotion capacity."

During the seminar, Mr Alain Chevalier, Senior Technical Advisor of the Preparatory Assistance project, presented a marketing strategy, emphasizing the need for export enterprises to deliver "the right product to the right place at the right price with a right promotion and to the right customer."

Representatives from the Government of Thailand and the Government of New Zealand shared some lessons learned from their own countries' trade promotion strategies. One lesson learned is the need for dialogue among the different stakeholders, especially between Government and businesses. Another lesson is to identify a country's comparative advantages. The role of Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) was stressed as a potential leading role in developing a country's export though the creation of partnerships with many government and private sector firms that make up the trade support services sector.

Mr Bui Son Dung from VIETRADE mentioned that the concept of trade promotion was still understood differently among Vietnamese partners. He emphasized the need to achieve a common understanding for a successful trade promotion.

The seminar also included a preliminary blueprint for an effective trade promotion network in Vietnam as well as a short-term road map for initial implementation, which were presented by Dr Thierry Noyelle, International Trade Center consultant. He stressed the key role of trade support institutions in providing services for export enterprises and the need to have competition within the network to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.

"The development of a new effective trade promotion network should enable Viet Nam to respond more effectively to the opportunities and challenges of the global trading system", said Ms Dagmar Schumacher, UNDP Assistant Resident Representative.
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