UNDP, in Partnership with Five Donors, Pledges Support for the Implementation of the Public Administration Reform Master Programme

Oct 27, 2002

Ha Noi - Minister of Home Affairs Do Quang Trung and Jordan Ryan, Resident Representative of UNDP in Viet Nam, met today to discuss a remarkable new co-operation agreement dealing with Public Administration Reform in Viet Nam. The meeting was also notable coming at a time when the UN and Viet Nam are focussing on the Millennium Development Goals.

A new $5.5 million project, funded by UNDP, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Canada and Norway has been proposed to the Government. At the heart of the project is a strategy and mechanism that will facilitate the Government's efforts to implement the measures identified in the Prime Minister's Public Administration Reform Master Programme.

This discussion on the new co-operation project highlights the importance and emphasis that the Prime Minister has placed on the implementation of his Public Administration Reform Master Programme. This ambitious ten-year program is the key strategic document that will guide the Government of Viet Nam and its partners during the ongoing renovation of the national public sector.

UNDP has been working with the Government of Viet Nam in this area since 1992 and a relationship of trust, meaningful co-operation and mutual understanding has flourished during that time. The past ten years of this partnership has also delivered real progress in improving public administration across the country and has played a major part in the success of the doi moi process. UNDP, along with other donors, has been supporting the Public Administration Reform process, including pilot efforts in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in Hai Phong and in Ho Chi Minh City.

Jordan Ryan used the opportunity of the meeting to congratulate the Minister on the partnership and a very effective ten years of working together in public administration reform as well as the need to focus on speeding up and deepening public administration efforts. Mr. Ryan said, “Viet Nam can meet its ambitious Millennium Development Goals only if it has a clean, competent and effective public administration.” MOHA and UNDP also discussed the Government-led Public Administration Reform Partnership Forum, the establishment of which will strengthen cooperation in this area.

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