Vietnamese government officials to hone their IT skills

Feb 9, 2004

Ha Noi - Fifteen Vietnamese government officials will begin a two-week training course today on intranet setup and administration, as part of a capacity-building programme jointly organized by the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The training course will be held at the Viet Nam-Singapore Training Centre in Ha Noi, located in Ha Noi Towers from 9 to 20 February 2004.

The course opening ceremony was attended by Singapore's Ambassador to Viet Nam, Mr. Tan Seng Chye, UNDP Viet Nam Deputy Resident Representative Mr. Neil Reece-Evans, and Mr. Tran Ngoc Thach, Deputy Director, Institute of International Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Information Technology (IT) skills have rapidly become a crucial tool for effective public administration,” commented Ambassador Tan, “and given Viet Nam’s exceptional human resources, this training programme should help to improve government efficiency.” 

The intensive two-week course is aimed at providing participants with email and intranet setup and support skills. Upon graduation, the 15 students will then act as trainers and intranet support administrators in their respective government agencies.

Among the main topics to be covered in the course are email server setup and administration, information security, and website design and management. Mr. Reece-Evans noted that as the Vietnamese government has moved online, the course is especially relevant. “The internet increasingly acts as a facilitator for the sharing of information between the Vietnamese people and the Government; this investment in technology has undoubtedly strengthened the quality of such interactions and expanded the opportunity for such communication between citizens and officials.”

The 15 participants will benefit from a team of highly qualified lecturers in the field of intranet technology and management systems. Singapore’s reputed Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), established in 1992 to meet the training demands of Singapore’s economy, will administer the course.

Mr. Reece-Evans noted that the clear strength of a training programme such as this one is its multiplier effect. The fifteen students are committed to returning to their offices to share their knowledge. According to Mr. Reece-Evans, “over time, these skills will spread to their colleagues, and we should thus see a growth of intranet and general IT skills within all Departments and Ministries of the Government.”

The training course is conducted under the auspices of the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI). Announced by Singapore's Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong at the Fourth ASEAN Informal Summit in 2000, the IAI seeks to mobilize training resources for the newer ASEAN members in order to narrow the development gap within ASEAN.

Contact informationMs. Nguyen Thu Hoai, Fellowship Assistant, UNDP Viet Nam,
Tel. (04) 942 1495, Ext. 176

Mr. Andrew Teng, First Secretary, Embassy of Singapore, Ha Noi,
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