Vietnamese Inventors to Receive WIPO Awards

Apr 20, 2004

Ha Noi -The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will present its awards for scientific excellence and technological creativity to Vietnamese inventors and enterprises at the Viet Nam Scientific and Technological Awards ceremony. The ceremony will be held tomorrow in Ha Noi by the Viet Nam Union of Science and Technology Associations, the Ministry of Science and Technology in collaboration with Honda Motor who will introduce the most intelligent robot Asimo.

This announcement was made by the United Nations Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative Jordan Ryan, who represented WIPO at a press conference organized today in Ha Noi. Mr. Ryan said: “WIPO and the entire UN system are very pleased to be associated with this important competition. We hope that the awarding of the WIPO medals will stimulate Viet Nam’s ongoing inventive and innovative activity and enhance the image of inventors, who contributed greatly to the development and the prosperity of their country and thus bring well-being to the population.”

The winners of the “Best Invention” award are Nguyen Co Thach, Nguyen Van Dieu and Truong Quoc Thai for their research of biology and technical process for the mass production of sea mud crab Scylla Serrata.  In addition to the WIPO Medal, the three inventors will receive an individual WIPO certificate and a cash prize.

The WIPO award for Outstanding Woman Inventor goes to Vo Thi Hanh for her study on the production of probiotics that contain a mixture of beneficial microorganism and digestive enzymes used for livestock and aquaculture.  Ms. Hanh will receive a WIPO Medal and a cash prize.

Three students from the Ha Noi Technology University, Nguyen Khanh Dieu Hong, Pham Minh Hoa, Nguyen Xuan Phi, win the "Best Young Inventor" award for their project entitled “Studying and selecting domestic sources of Kaolinite for synthesis of zeolite-contained materials, concurrently creating technological outline, to protect the aquaculture environment”. This award will be accompanied by a WIPO Medal and a cash prize. The WIPO Trophy for Innovative Enterprises will be handed out for the Sai Gon-Kymdan Rubber Stock Company for actively using the intellectual property rights (trademarks and industrial designs) in its business strategy, production and marketing operations.

Mr. Ryan said: “Promoting inventions and ensuring that the benefits of new technologies are available to all can help Viet Nam to achieve its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and reduce poverty. It will be more difficult for Viet Nam to meet any of the MDGs by the year 2015 without making science and technology one of the top of the priorities of the national development agenda.”

 He explained:  “For example, diagnostic systems, drugs and vaccines will be needed to improve health; high yielding crops breeds with enhanced food value and resistance to stress will be required to increase food production and reduce poverty. Improved communication, production and processing technologies will be needed to increase productivity, create real jobs, reduce poverty and empower women.”

The WIPO awards seek to stimulate inventive and innovative activity around the world, particularly in developing countries. They serve to attract and enhance public recognition of inventors and their work. Since the launch of this programme in 1979, more than 800 WIPO medals have been awarded to inventors from 97 countries, including women and young inventors.

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