Communicators and Reporters Called to Promote Sustainable Development

Jun 25, 2004

Da Nang City - At a workshop opened this afternoon in the central city of Da Nang, the Party Central Committee for Ideology and Culture (PCCIC) focused on the important role that local communicators and reporters can play in helping Viet Nam advance on the path to sustainable dvelopment.

Entitled “Ideological Dissemination towards Sustainable Development”, this workshop was jointly organized by the PCCIC and the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI). The workshop is part of the project “Formulation and Implementation of Viet Nam’s Agenda 21”, supported by the UN Development Programme (UNDP), Denmark and Sweden.

The workshop brought together ideology and culture communicators, editors-in-chief and key reporters from 15 provinces in the Centre and Central Highlands, as well as officials from the Party and the MPI.

UNDP Resident Representative, Mr Jordan Ryan, welcomed the workshop initiative as an important step forward on the path to sustainable development in Viet Nam. “Having officials from the Central Commission on Culture and Ideology and provincial representatives join together is powerful evidence of a new mindset – an awareness of linkages and cross-cutting concerns that underlie sustainable development,” he said.

Mr Ryan recalled that by signing the United Nations Millennium Declaration at the World Summit in 2000, the President of Viet Nam and all other world leaders committed their countries to “integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes, and reverse the loss of environmental resources.”

Sustainable Development has been endorsed by the latest Party Congress. “Development must be rapid, efficient and sustainable. Economic growth must go hand in hand with progress, social equity and environmental protection,” stressed the 9th Resolution of the Congress.

According to the Resolution, there remain great challenges in quality, efficiency and sustainability of the growth. The recent UN report “Closing the Millennium Gaps” confirms that despite economic growth rates averaging 7.5 percent, there’s a widening gap between rich and poor, urban and rural people. Increases in population and urbanisation are putting more pressure on the ability to protect the environment. Half the native forests have already been lost. There are more than 800 species on the endangered list. Generally, air in almost all cities and industrial areas throughout the country is severely polluted.

Speaking at the workshop, Mr Do Khanh Tang, Editor-in-chief of the Ideology and Culture Magazine, highlighted the humanity ideology in sustainable development. He noted: “Sustainable development is for the people and by the people.” Agreed Mr Ryan: “Sustainable development needs to become the ideology of people. People must be at the center of development.”

The worshop called upon the communicators and reporters to help people develop a deeper understanding of Sustainable Development as well as to use their voices to promote a mainstreaming of Sustainable Development in each of their provinces.

“Together, each of communicators and reporters can promote sustainable development and help foster a new set of attitudes that will help protect Viet Nam’s environmental treasure chest,” Mr. Ryan noted.

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