Policy Makers Discuss Ethics and Accountability

Sep 20, 2004

Ha Noi - Ethics and accountability and their relation to corruption are the central issues discussed this morning in Ha Noi at a gathering of high-level representatives from five countries around the region.

Entitled “Public Sector Ethics and Accountability”, this Asia sub-regional workshop was jointly organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) of Viet Nam and the PARAGON Regional Governance Programme of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The workshop brought together more than forty high level executive managers, legislators and policy-makers from Cambodia, China, Lao PDR, the Philippines, and Viet Nam.

The workshop was intended to broaden the approach to the fight against corruption especially in light of the new United Nations Convention against Corruption which Viet Nam signed in December 2003.

According to Vice-Minister Tran Huu Thang, MOHA has been conducting research in an effort to find solutions to the problems that civil service is facing. “We found that public service ethics is a matter of common concern for countries in the region,” Mr. Thang said. “Improving ethical values of civil servant is one of the top priorities of the governments of various countries, alongside public administration reform,” he added.

Speaking at the opening session, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative (Programme), Mr Subinay Nandy said, “Corruption does not only undermine the performance of governments but it also hampers economic growth and investment. It can deepen poverty, reverse human development achievements and deny social justice. Ethics and accountability can be effective instruments in the fight against corruption”

Mr Nandy commended countries in the region for paying great attention to the fight against corruption, including Viet Nam with its upcoming anti-corruption programme. “It reflects a strong political commitment to mobilize all the strengths of the entire society and to coordinate efforts of the international community in this endeavor,” he said.

The workshop will allow for the wider sharing of ideas, insights and experiences, both within and among national civil servant communities. During the workshop, participants will also exchange knowledge and build skills in an effort to promote an ethical, accountable and corruption-free working culture in their respective civil services.

UNDP’s PARAGON programme supports through a series of initiatives, including this workshop, a regional information sharing network on  effective anti-corruption efforts.
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