Viet Nam further its socio-economic cooperation with African countries

Mar 3, 2005

Ha Noi  -- With support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Perez-Guerrero Trust Fund, Viet Nam launched an initiative today to develop further its development cooperation efforts with Benin and Mozambique.

Viet Nam enjoys continued close cooperation with African countries, especially in health, education and agriculture. However, trade between Viet Nam and Africa accounted for only US$400 million in 2003: a mere 1% of total exports for Viet Nam and 0.1% for African countries.

“One of the main obstacles to developing more comprehensive and effective cooperation between Viet Nam and Africa is a serious lack of information regarding their needs and socio-economic realities,” said UNDP Resident Representative and United Nations Resident Coordinator, Jordan Ryan. “What this project will do is provide an in-depth analysis of the situation in Viet Nam, Benin and Mozambique and focus on opportunities for socio-economic and development cooperation. It is a notable example of multilateral cooperation among developing countries that will contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals worldwide.”

The research results coming out of this project will be presented to government officials and ministries in all the involved countries and a brochure on how to do business with the participating countries will be made widely available to help facilitate business planning, promotion and development.

“It is expected that the outcomes of this project will enhance better understanding of the public, particularly of business circles,” said Deputy Minister of MOFA, Le Van Bang. “Leading to new business initiatives, research projects and missions to promote cooperation between Viet Nam and African nations on a bilateral and multilateral basis for both the medium and long-term.”

“UNDP is pleased to support such cooperation between Viet Nam and African countries,” Mr Ryan said. “Through its global knowledge network, UNDP can help share our experiences, especially those relating to the African partner countries, to help enrich and deepen the project results.”

The Perez-Guerrero Trust Fund for Economic and Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries was established in 1983 by the United Nations to provide seed monies for research and implementation of technical and economic cooperation projects among countries of the G77 (a socio-economic organization of developing nations). The Fund is administered jointly by UNDP and the G77.

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