UNDP and Viet Nam sign 5-year action plan

May 9, 2006

Ha NoiThe United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government of Viet Nam announced their five-year programme plan today at a signing ceremony in Ha Noi.

According to Dr. Cao Viet Sinh, Vice Minister of Ministry of Planning and Investment, the jointly-prepared plan reflects the desire of UNDP and Viet Nam to ensure its effective and successful implementation will contribute to deepening the reform process in Viet Nam and achieving the targets set out in the 10-year socio-economic strategy and five-year plan, as well as those set out in the Viet Nam Development Goals and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

UNDP’s Country Programme Document (CPD) and the Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) provide a framework for cooperation between the Government of Viet Nam and UNDP over the next five years and support the country’s efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The two documents, which form part of the normal UNDP planning process, take their lead from Viet Nam’s five-year Socio-Economic Development Plan 2006-2010 and other national development priorities. .

“Government agencies contributed a great deal to the preparation of the CPD and CPAP for 2006-2010, demonstrating a strong sense of national ownership and commitment,” said Acting UNDP Resident Representative, Subinay Nandy. “This is yet more proof of Viet Nam’s ownership and commitment to effectively use the resources UNDP provides. And with the further harmonization of the UN family, our work here will be more effective, efficient and more responsive to the needs of the people of Viet Nam.”

The CPD and CPAP use the same guidelines, format and five-year cycles as other UN Agencies in Viet Nam, like UNICEF and UNFPA. This integration is an integral part of the United Nations’ global and country-level reform agenda. In Viet Nam, where UN harmonization efforts have gained momentum, the design and implementation of such plans are expected to reinforce the realization of the “One United Nations” initiative that has been jointly launched by the United Nations and the Government.

The Government of Viet Nam is a world leader in aid effectiveness and United Nations reform, and has encouraged the United Nations agencies in Viet Nam to achieve greater synergies and efficiencies in their programmes and operations.

According to the CPD, UNDP will continue to provide technical assistance and policy advice in poverty reduction, democratic governance and in cross-cutting themes like HIV/AIDS, gender equality, youth and decentralization, as well as in joint programmes with other members of the UN family in Viet Nam. The CPAP is a much more detailed planning tool identifying targets and key national partners that UNDP will work with in achieving these goals.

“UNDP has enjoyed a relationship of trust for over 30 years with the Government and people of Viet Nam,” said Mr. Nandy. “This plan provides a flexible framework that will enable the Government and UNDP to respond to emerging needs and priorities.”

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