UNDP helps Viet Nam with development strategy for next decade

Jul 30, 2008

Ha Noi – The UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government signed a two and a half-year project today that helps lay the foundation for Viet Nam’s socio- economic policies into the next decade. The USD 2-million project supports formulation of Viet  Nam’s  national  Socio-Economic   Development  Strategy  (SEDS)  for  2011-2020  by assisting   the  Development   Strategy   Institute (DSI)   of  the  Ministry   of  Planning   and Investment  to undertake necessary  research and access relevant international  experience and knowledge.

“It is a difficult task to research and formulate a national development  strategy that meets people’s expectations and enables the country to achieve middle income status, especially since  Viet  Nam  does  not have  much  experience  in this area,”  said  Dr Ngo  Doan  Vinh, President of DSI. “We want the development  strategy for 2011-2020 to be of high quality, with many valuable innovative  ideas, and we want to provide  opportunities  for the entire nation to contribute their wisdom and participate in its implementation,” he added.

Viet Nam has been making great efforts to achieve rapid and sustainable development with the objective of transforming the country into an industrialized and modernized country by 2020. Viet Nam is expected to reach middle income status by 2010, an important milestone in the country’s development. However, significant challenges loom ahead related to Viet Nam’s transition from an agrarian to an industrialized, service-based, knowledge economy, and the movement toward greater democratic citizenship and environmental sustainability. Some of these challenges are evident in the recent macroeconomic instability.

Solid scientific research, rigorous policy analysis, exposure to best international practices as well as an open and participatory policy formulation process all benefit formulation of appropriate and effective socio-economic strategies.  Agreement among stakeholders around goals, policy options and measures is also critical.

“Through this project, UNDP hopes to facilitate Viet Nam’s access to high quality international expertise, experience and practices needed for SEDS development,” said Mr Christophe Bahuet, UNDP Deputy Country Director. “The project will provide technical support for realizing the Government’s commitment to have the SEDS formulation process truly open, participatory and consultative, thus contributing to building a national consensus on the strategy.”

The project falls under the United Nations One Plan, a new joint programming framework between the UN in Viet Nam and the Government.  The project builds on assistance provided by UNDP for the Government’s Socio-Economic Strategy for 2001-2010, which supported research and consultations while engendering a broad consensus under strong Government leadership. The strategy attempted to ensure equity and stability while also promoting growth. This new initiative will help Viet Nam develop a SEDS for 2011-2020 that meets the emerging challenges of the next decade.

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