$5 million project launched to enhance oversight role of Viet Nam’s elected bodies

Aug 21, 2009

HA NOI - The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the National Assembly Committee on Finance and Budgetary Affairs (CFBA) announced today a four-year project that will provide US$ 5.2 million to enhance the public finance and budget oversight capacities of Viet Nam’s National Assembly and its People’s Councils at local levels.

The project aims to help the Assembly and the Councils play a full role in the country’s budget decision-making, oversight and fiscal transparency processes. The focus will be on improving the methods and quality of budget decisions and oversight, and increasing participation of people and the business community in economic and budgetary decision- making processes.

Mr. Phung Quoc Hien, Chairman of the Committee on Finance and Budget Affairs, said that, “UNDP’s positive and effective support to the Assembly and the Councils has created a significant change in the ability of deputies in deciding and overseeing central and provincial revenue  and  spending.  This  positive  change  has  made  considerable  contributions  to boosting public finance reform in Viet Nam, and enhancing the role and position of elected bodies in the state agency system.”

The  project  will  be  executed  by  the  Committee  on  Finance  and  Budget  Affairs  in collaboration with the National Assembly’s Ethnic Council and the Committee on Economics, Ministry of  Finance, Ministry of  Planning and Investment, State Audit of  Viet Nam and People’s Councils in 20 pilot provinces and cities.

UNDP  Country  Director  Setsuko  Yamazaki  emphasized  the  important  role  of  people’s elected bodies in the budgetary process: “It is our hope that the project we are launching today will further enhance the National Assembly’s capacities to perform some of its most critical functions: to monitor budgetary allocations, to ensure that spending reflects human- centered national development goals, and to support rigorously informed macro-economic
and social policies.”

UNDP has been supporting the Committee on Finance and Budget Affairs (formerly called the Committee on Economic and Budget Affairs) since 2003, helping to build the skills of deputies  in  budget  examination  and  analysis  and  enhancing  the  quality  of  financial information by the government to the National Assembly.

Contact informationMr. Nguyen Hoang Anh, Project Manager, anhnh@qh.gov.vn

Ms. Marcia Monge, Joint Senior Technical Advisor, marcia.monge@undp.org