New EUR 1.17 million anti-corruption project signed: Partnership between UNDP, UNODC, European Commission and Government Inspectorate

Oct 29, 2009

Ha Noi – A new project to strengthen the capacity of the Government Inspectorate and Government of Viet Nam to monitor and report on corruption was launched today in Ha Noi. The EUR 1.17 million project will start in November and will run for four years. It is a partnership between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the European Commission and the Government Inspectorate.

The project aims to improve the ability of the Government to prevent and combat corruption and to comply with the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). Viet Nam ratified the UNCAC in June this year. The Convention makes clear recommendations on how countries can effectively reduce corruption and by acceding to it, Viet Nam has demonstrated a willingness to fight corruption.

Setsuko Yamazaki, UNDP country director commented: “If we are to achieve long-term economic and social development in Viet Nam it is essential that we combat corruption. By implementing the UN Convention against Corruption in Viet Nam we can help to reduce corruption further as well as contribute to poverty reduction work.”

Since signing the UNCAC in 2003, the Government has worked on strengthening its legal and institutional framework and taken many measures for preventing and combating corruption and initially achieved recognizable results. However, preventing and combating corruption is still a challenge for Viet Nam.
Mr Dirk Meganck, Director for Asia at the EuropeAid Office of the European Commission, said: “A key lesson learned has been that the fight against corruption can only be successful if the government takes the issue seriously, in other words if there is ownership. On behalf of the European Commission I am pleased to say that this is the case for Viet Nam. Consequently, I look forward with confidence to the successful implementation of the project.”

The anti-corruption project focuses on three areas in particular. First, it seeks to strengthen national capacity to comply with the international norms and standards provided by the UNCAC.

Secondly, it aims to build up institutional capacities to monitor and evaluate corruption and anti-corruption efforts. Finally, it supports partnership building and public involvement in the fight against corruption.
The General Inspectorate plays an important role as an implementer of and adviser to the Government’s anti-corruption efforts.
“Together with the POSCIS project (Strengthening Comprehensive Capacity of the Inspectorate System), which is co-financed by Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, through this very project, which is financially supported by UNDP and the EU, we are confident that the support through this project will actively contribute to improving the effectiveness of anti-corruption work in the future,”
Mr Le Tien Hao, Deputy General Inspector said.

The Government Inspectorate is committed to cooperating closely with development partners, international organizations and relevant agencies in Viet Nam to implement the project according to the approved plan.
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