New US$ 6.4 million project "launched to promote access to justice and protection of rights in Viet Nam"

Nov 27, 2009

Ha Noi – The UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) announced today a five-year project that will provide US$ 6.4 million to support MOJ and related justice agencies in strengthening access to justice and rights protection for the poor and vulnerable in Viet Nam.
The project’s activities will support a number of Viet Nam’s key priorities in legal and judicial reform from now until 2014. As well as continuing to support the implementation of the Strategy for the Development of Viet Nam's Legal System to the Year 2010 with vision to 2020 (LSDS), the project will also support the Judicial Reform Steering Committee’s Secretariat to conduct cross-cutting research on implementation of the Judicial Reform Strategy to 2020 (JRS). As part of the project, greater partnership and aid coordination between government, donors and social organizations will ensure better alignment of donor support to these important reform agendas. The project is being funded by bilateral donors through the One Plan Fund.
On this occasion, Mr. Ha Hung Cuong, Minister of Justice, said: "With full agreement on the project outcomes and outputs between the Government of Viet Nam and UNDP, I strongly believe that the project "Access to Justice and Protection of Rights in Viet Nam" will contribute to the creation of a new framework for cooperation, opening up a new period of cooperation in the legal and judicial arena between Viet Nam and the international community. The implementation of the project will be one of the activities to contribute to the achievement of objectives set forth in the Socio-Economic Development Strategy of Viet Nam, the One UN Plan as well as the UN's Millennium Development Goals".

UNDP Country Director Setsuko Yamazaki commented: “Middle-income status will bring greater challenges for Viet Nam’s legal and judicial reforms, requiring a deepening of rule-of-law and access to justice, and greater legal empowerment of the poor. The project we are launching today demonstrates UNDP’s continued commitment to supporting those important reform efforts.”
Key areas the project will support include:  
•    A review of the first five years’ of implementing the LSDS, so as to define the priorities for the decade to come;
•       Greater aid effectiveness and deepening of existing policy dialogue through the Legal Partnership Forum;

•    A new vision for the state’s role in the justice sector, in line with Viet Nam’s evolving socio-economic context, the progress towards a rule-of-law state and greater international integration;

•    A new Provincial Justice Index to assess access to justice at local levels;

•    A strategy on legal empowerment of the poor, so that legal reforms play their part in poverty reduction strategies and strengthen access to justice for the poor and disadvantaged;

•    Better implementation of Viet Nam’s international human rights commitments though domestic law, and better monitoring of the implementation of laws;

•    Comparative research on the main tasks of judicial reform, including reorganization of the court system and other justice bodies, the reform of judicial appointments and training, and independence of adjudication in trials; and

•    Support to local and national initiatives and experiments in judicial reform.

UNDP has been supporting the Ministry of Justice continuously since 1993. Significant achievements of this long-lasting cooperation include support to the Legal Needs Assessment in 2002 and the issuance of the Legal Systems Development Strategy in 2005, which marked a turning-point in building a rule-of-law state in Viet Nam.

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