First of a kind survey asks Vietnamese citizens about their experiences with public administrative procedures

Jun 9, 2010

VietNamNet and UNDP Viet Nam are today launching the first-ever online public poll on Vietnamese citizens’ views and experiences of public administrative procedures ( The survey, which runs for three months, aims to support the ongoing Government efforts to enhance public administration reform and simplification of administrative procedures. The survey asks Vietnamese citizens to identify what they think is the best and the most annoying public administrative procedure, based on their own experience.

As part of the survey people are encouraged to provide their recommendations on how to simplify different administrative procedures (ranging from those around marriage certificates to land use rights and building permits) and/or improve public administrative services. Citizens are also asked for their view on the public administration reform efforts in the locality they live.

"The survey encourages citizens to participate in the simplification of administrative procedures and voice their experiences with the services that directly affect their lives. Through the survey we expect to identify some of the problems citizens face when interacting with administrative agencies and also learn from good experiences,” says Jairo Acuna-Alfaro, UNDP policy advisor on public administration reform and part of the team who designed the survey.

"As users of public administrative services, citizens have an important say in identifying bottlenecks and constraints in the provision of these services. It is important to get their views on how to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and transparency of the services,” concludes Jairo Acuna-Alfaro.

The public poll is being conducted by VietNamNet, with financial and technical support provided by UNDP. Once the survey closes at the beginning of September the results will be analysed and made public. They will also be made available to the Government for use in their review of the Public Administration Reform Master Plan, as well as the formulation of the next stage of the reform programme.

All responses are completely anonymous and no personal details are needed to complete the survey.

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